OCT/NOV 2014


Christmas is almost here, it’s midnight and yet I’m still sweating, even with a couple of fans going! Pretty soon, I head back to the States for a visit and cooler weather is definitely on the long list of things I’m excited about 🙂

The past couple of months have been pretty eventful and I ended up marking my year “anniversary” with a somewhat unexpected 2 week trip to the jungle to (hopefully) go deeper with my language skills. I spent half my time in a village called Samban and then traveled further upriver to another village called Tamo. While the two places are only 15 minutes apart by plane, they’re over 12 hours apart by motor canoe!

Despite a few heavier moments with village medical emergencies, a threat of tribal war in Tamo, or falling through a hardwood floor (and really messing up my knee), I absolutely loved my time in the bush! Rivers, boats, swamps, medical clinics and meeting new people are right up my alley. Many times during the trip, I thought back on the many ways God had prepared me for this throughout  the years. While both villages were nicer than I was expecting, there were still critters, earthquakes and interesting food to navigate through.

I was going to post an update on my blog like I usually do, but my mind kept going back to one particular day during my trip where I found myself watching a medical emergency unfold, suddenly experiencing firsthand the desperate need for what we do. So instead of writing my usual update, I tried to put the story into words. In part to process it myself. I’ll put the link below for those of you who care to read it. Just a warning, it’s a tough one.

In other news, Samaritan recently signed a long-term lease on a compound of our own, which means I’ll be moving after I return from the States! We’re in need of a retired contractor or someone who could come over for a month or two to manage the construction projects and pretty extensive renovations on the property. If anyone knows of someone who might be interested in something like that, please let me know!

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving…a year later, I’m just as, if not more, grateful for all of you.


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