Playing Catch Up

I haven’t written in awhile which could be because I’ve been juggling a really busy job, gearing up for our annual missions conference and preparing for leading a trip to Papua New Guinea (the conference ended today and I leave Saturday!). As the week-long event came to an end this morning and I said goodbye to many friends, I was again amazed to think how God has put me in a place to serve these modern-day apostle Pauls or Mother Teresas. I, of all people, know they hate to be put on pedestals and I would never do so…but these people bless me beyond words with their stories of faith and sacrifice, God’s provision and miracles. I think of the friends He has placed in my life and with a sense of wonder, realize He’s given me deep relationships with people from dozens of countries around the world. To even think back and see God’s fingerprints all over this path is overwhelming. He led my parents to my church in 1978 and to think of the domino effect that has caused….is nothing short of crazy. I love how God works. And can’t wait to see what He does next. Who knows? Maybe next year, I’ll be one of the conference guests!

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