I’m a huge supporter of Compassion International in case you can’t tell from my blog. And a few days ago, I decided to add one more to my little “family”. For a single girl with no one depending on me, it’s strangely scary to commit to another human being, no matter how small the capacity. Silly I know, but what if I lose my job? What if I go on the field myself? I support two little boys through Compassion already and love my letters to “Mom E” or even the letters from the boy’s ¬†mothers themselves who have told me how excited their kids are to have a sponsor and how much joy it brings to their heart to see their little ones so happy. People say to be careful how much I commit to because I never know when I may need it…but really it’s only $38 a month. If I gave up drinking sweet tea with lunch and a couple of Starbucks stops, I’d have that easily. So I started thinking…can I drink water (which is better for me anyway!) to give a child education, food, clothing and a chance to meet Jesus. Hmm. Well, if you put it that way how could I not? As long as God continues to provide for me, I will provide for them. So now I have Princess…a little girl in Ghana. Considering my newest nickname, I’m pretty sure we’re a perfect match.

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