Zeroing In

Momentum seems to be carrying me in a direction that’s off the beaten path. God works in curious ways and I’m coming to the realization that there’s no point trying to figure out what He’s up to. Who can know the mind of God and predict His plans? I, for one, can not. I’ve tried. And failed.
At several points in recent years, I’ve been certain that God was finally opening the door to full time missions. Each time, a tiny case of nerves emerged at the same time anticipation stirred. Much prayer went into these times of opportunity. Full time, or even a 3-4 year commitment of living alone in a foreign land, is exciting even if it lies completely in the realm of the unknown. The struggles, challenges and learning curves just fit my inner gypsy.
But in eternity’s scheme I suppose it wasn’t time. In each instance a new characteristic of God was revealed through a solidly shut door and the lessons consistently whispered “not yet”. And so, here I am. Still sitting at my desk 40 hours a week. When I’m in the country, at least. In this I thank God: I’m a full time employee yet I have complete freedom to travel for missions. Last year, I took off 2 1/2 months to minister in various countries. To state the obvious, that’s uncommon in any workplace and just as uncommon in my company. I am grateful every single day for the favor of God on my life and in my job.
Now, I suddenly feel the sensation of trying to keep up with a whirlwind. Requests to lead missions teams are coming out of the woodwork. It seems as if God is using connections built throughout the years and throughout the world in completely different ways than I’d ever envisioned.
I’m currently planning a medical trip back to Guyana in October. This will be the 3rd time I’ve been on the island in a year’s time and I couldn’t be more excited about the ways God’s hand is so obviously moving in our village. My thoughts are filled with paperwork, medical supplies, licenses, clearance, plane tickets, finances, visas, team members needs and questions, ministry plans, and everything else it takes to get a dozen people from point A to point B while coordinating simultaneous medical/eye clinics and VBS. My hands are full but my heart is happy.
But this isn’t the only trip on the books. A full calendar seems to have fallen into my lap. I learned last week that I will probably be leading a trip to the jungles of Southeast Asia for my church in March. The high school principal asked me to take a team to South America in the spring. Southeastern University is already making plans to return to Costa Rica in May and I just got off the phone with a youth pastor friend in Texas who I’ve worked with in the past. He’s interested in expanding his missions program to new locations next summer…possibly Guyana or even Bangladesh? I’m left sitting and wondering how this happened? Not that I’m complaining! I love every bit of it. It’s a bit like catching a wave. I sense God’s movement and I suppose I’m along for the ride.
I have no idea how I’ll pay for all of this travel or balance work, bills and trips, but I’m guessing God’s already got that one figured out too. Keep me in your prayers as I listen to His voice!

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