Just For Fun…25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

1. I’ve never had a speeding ticket …or any kind of ticket for that matter.

2. I once scored for the opposite team in a basketball game. To my credit, I was twelve years old and it was right after halftime…BUT I still came in as high scorer with a whole 13 points! Yea baby.

3. Yellow roses, playing in the rain, mud fights and the beach never fail to put a smile on my face.

4. I am a creep magnet. Just ask me about the old green speedo thong nudist, the Barnes and Noble flasher, Mr. Touchy from Albertsons, the tag team wanna-be kidnappers from the mall, OR the angel incident when a car of men were waiting next to my car. And yes, I will believe it was an angel until the day I die. Side note: PLEASE don’t mention these to my mom! She would worry even more than she already does 🙂

5. I have a phobia of little tiles. They make my skin crawl and gross me out. And that goes for any small geometric shape in a uniform pattern.

6. I was in the jungle in Indonesia and made friends with a huge tusked elephant that was chained to a tree…I was standing right in front of him, feeding him bananas out of my hand when someone informed me that he was chained to the tree because he had just finished a mad rampage and flattened a village.

7. I’ve been in Times Square for the New Years ball drop 3 times.

8. I change my own oil, filters, fuses, tires, headlights, wiper blades, etc. I’ve also taught several of my female friends to do the same.

9. I still get confused by my rights and lefts…if you ask me for directions, I’ll use north, south, east and west.

10. I didn’t have any nicknames growing up but in my teens I acquired several : “Queenie” from one of my high school refs, “Math Goddess” from profs and friends at college (which labeled me as a nerd right off the bat) and Kah…. which calls for an explanation. In high school I babysat a little boy who couldn’t say Erika… he always said “caca” which happens to mean poo in Spanish. My brothers thought that was great, started calling me “Kah” for short and to this day they still won’t call me Erika.

11. I’m horribly clutzy. I run into walls and am lucky to make it through a doorway without running into one side or the other. I also do really stupid things….when i was little I skated into the deep end of my pool with my skates on. Thank the Lord I figured out how to untie them because I sunk right to the bottom. The first time I tried rollerblades, I put them on in the car and then opened my car door and stood up…forgetting I had parked on a hill. I’ve tried opening a bottle of fast adhering nail glue with my teeth…the problem was that I was squeezing the bottle to get a good grip…when it opened, it flooded my mouth with glue sticking my tongue to the roof of my mouth and my teeth together. INSTANTLY. I also tried using a safety pin to seperate my eyelashes when my mascara clumped…it worked great until I blinked.

12. When I was a kid, I used to drink the little containers of coffee creamer or half & half that goes in coffee. I still love whole milk…and I could care less about the calories.

13. I randomly look at the clock at 10:18 every day…this has happened to me since middle school and it drives me nuts.

14. I love fishing. To the point that I could go every night.

15. If it drops below 80 degrees, I start shivering. That’s what you get for being a Florida native.

16. Don’t be alarmed if you’re sitting next to me and I start scratching your back…I like to scratch people’s backs and give massages. Don’t know why.

17. Contrary to my looks, I’m hardly a girly girl. I’ve dug trenches, installed sprinkler systems, knocked down walls, installed crown molding, broken out tile floors. Let’s just say, I love tools. I’ve always said if they could come up with a cologne that smelled like Home Depot, I’d finally fall in love.

18. Since my first job at 18, I’ve never had to look for a job. Every job I’ve had since then has come to me….and I’ve had 5 positions since I moved back to Florida.

19. Speaking of jobs, my first was at a fancy little restaurant in college. I started out hostessing and waitressing and offered to learn any other position to get more hours. I started cooking and worked my way through the ranks. I was training to be head chef when I moved.

20. I played volleyball all through middle and high school but could not serve overhand to save my life. My coach and I finally developed a wicked sidearm that worked for me…one match I served 15 points straight. Now, I can’t remember how to do it but have no problems serving overhand. Go figure.

21. Spontaneity makes me who I am. I’ve been known to buy a plane ticket last minute, drive myself to the airport at 4 in the morning and take 5 flights total, 2 taxi rides, several subway rides, find my brother in NYC, watch the ball drop and spend the night by myself in La Guardia before flying back home…all in 24 hours.

22. I’ve never wanted a big wedding…I could care less about flowers and centerpieces and dresses and caterers. I don’t care if the guy wears board shorts…be yourself.

23. When I was 9, I could name all 206 bones in the body. I had always wanted to be a surgeon and studied my mom’s medical books for fun. As a result, I know all kinds of random medical facts. My brothers still call me before calling my mom, close doctor/nurse friends or even 911 when something is wrong.

24. I crave adrenaline rushes…now that I’ve been sky-diving, done a cage dive with sharks (which was hardly the adrenaline rush I was hoping for) among other things, I’m finding fewer options that appease my craving.

25. I have a very high pain tolerance (which God probably granted me because of my unhealthy lack of fear). I had all four wisdom teeth out and didn’t take any pain killers…in fact, i slept a an hour or two, woke up without any swelling and drove myself to a birthday party. Nobody even knew I had surgery…I know, I know.

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