I should be at church right now, my first Sunday back in the US. But I just couldn’t bring myself to go even though I can’t wait to see my church family and all who have been praying so hard for me. I know that must sound so weird, but I’m just not ready. I’m not sure if it’s because then it will be “final”…once I step back into life as usual, I’m accepting that my brief period in CR is at an end.

I can’t tell you how much I miss hearing Spanish…and my church thousands of miles from here. Where everyone in the little congregation comes to hug you and kiss you on the cheek, where worship is heartfelt, sincere and loud. Right now I’m listening to my favorite worship song called “Creo En Ti” and I can hardly see to type…oh how I wish I was still there. I’m quickly learning that one of the hardest parts of my life is stepping into the roles God calls me and embracing each and every moment and all of the people I encounter. Loving with abandon and then leaving it all when He moves me on. I’ve made lifelong friends and will dearly miss the faces of all my “amigos”…the old butcher whose shop is off the main street in Fortuna, the grocers at Super Chavez, Pastor Norvin’s wife Elena, the little blond boy who looks like he belongs on beach in California but instead hugs me every chance he gets and rattles off in Spanish knowing I have no idea what he is saying, my 3 amazing translators and friends, Pastor Danilo, the older woman from the bus, Sophia, Melanie, Wilhem, Wendy, Charlene, Julia and so many other precious little ones whose names I can’t remember. Vaya con Dios…maybe one day we’ll meet again!

One thought on “Adjusting…

  1. I know what you mean. I go to an Hispanic church and i am still struggling to find my place. I had to get away quite a bit when I got back in the US. Anyway, i know this post is old… so i hope you are better adjusted by now, though i hope part of me hopes I never get too adjusted and that in my heart and mind I may know that i am always far from home! Blessings!

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