My "Working Girl" Spring Break….

Alex, my translator and friend from Costa Rica, has been here for the past week and a half and hanging out with the CR group has been a welcome break from my now-typical, crazy routine. We had dinner at Frenchy’s on Clearwater beach, saw Guys and Dolls which Keith was in, had a late night breakfast at Village Inn (college flashbacks!), 2 birthday parties, dinner on top of the pier overlooking Tampa Bay, trolley rides and ice cream in St. Pete, and in many cases found ourselves laughing until we cried which was highly reminiscent of the trip where we all met.
Since my week was already “off-balance”, I took advantage of the opportunity and claimed a vacation week to catch up with my now neglected friends. I had breakfast on the beach two Saturdays in a row: The Frog Pond on Redington Beach with Katelyn and Michelle and Maggie Mae’s on Sand Key with Heidi. I shopped at little stores along the boardwalk and enjoyed the fact that I actually live where everyone else vacations! I went to an old-fashioned church picnic, had dinner with Teresa, laid out at Indian Rocks beach with Laurie, Doug and Jim, and then again the next day with Katie, Katie and Mark. I spent time with Amy and Joe and their adorable new twins and got to see several long lost friends in the process (Ryan, Julie, Gena and Court!). I got to have long chats with Melanie and Mitch and smoothies with Katie. Last night I played a good game of Settlers…my first in months!

Feeling sunburned and tan, worn-out and energized all at the same time, I’m thanking God for my “working girl” spring break. I desperately need it. I look back on everything and everyone I got to see and don’t know how I managed to get it all in a week’s time while working a full time job! Yet that’s the story of my life lately…

In addition to my 40 hours a week at Munce and my involvement in my church and Bible studies, I’m balancing a second full time job while planning a move to another country. Not to mention that it’s now completely normal for me to spend 3+ hours a day studying spanish. On weekends, I study all day. On at typical day, I get home from working for 8 hours, and then work from home until midnight or later. I’m organizing 6 missions trips, talking to leaders interested in booking additional trips, planning menus for large teams which I will later have to cook (while working around not having an oven or food availabilty), meeting with interns, planning fund raisers, studying Costa Rican culture, and tackling my ever growing to-do list. I’ll be taking classes in CPR, First Aid, possibly lifeguarding and scuba before I go and am making plans to get Wilderness Survival and Search & Rescue certifications the next time I’m back in the states. I’m trying to keep up with 4 email accounts…1 for work (where I can easily get up to 50+ emails a day), 1 for GTD, and then my personal email.

And I could go on…I admit it’s been a little overwhelming and getting even more so as the end date for my “working girl” life grows closer and closer. But at the same time, I can’t wait. I’m so excited about this next phase and that’s fueling my motivation to keep running that race. I know God will give me the strength to get me through the next 8 weeks and I feel like this week was that much-needed cold glass of water before the finish line. To finally trade in my business clothes for shorts, tank tops, camo pants and flip flops and my desk for volcanoes, beaches, and ministering in the great outdoors is such a blessing from God and more than I could ever deserve!

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