Once again I find myself sitting in front of my computer, listening to the hum of the Munce Group office. Keyboards clicking, phones ringing, familiar voices discussing contracts and printers periodically revving up to do what they do best…print. Everything and everyone has a job to accomplish. Including me.
Yet I find myself struggling to focus. So much is going on in that beautiful world outside of my window…life is passing by as quickly as the cars coming over the bridge and these days I often find myself daydreaming, longing for life on the other side of the glass. Not that I don’t appreciate my job. It’s been a blessing…it’s just that this little place about 1240 miles away has recently captured my imagination. I have to continually rein in my thoughts and remind myself that there is a time and place for everything and soon enough, I will begin my new adventure.
That’s what made me think of kaleidescopes.
Remember those colorful little tubes that “wow”ed you when you were a kid? What looked like a fancy paper towel roll on the outside somehow possessed a magical magnetism. Ordinary everyday colors and shapes became dancing rays of light that seemed to suggest that anything was possible. Yet the beauty trapped inside that tube was released only when you shut one eye to remove distractions and focused the other. And suddenly, a whole new world opened up.
The interesting thing is that the beauty wasn’t dependent on the fact that you were focusing…the beauty was dependent on the light entering the other end. The light merely played with the mirrors and beads that were already inside, painting a picture for all who were willing to look. All of the materials that were needed to create the beauty were already there…the ability to see the beauty required focus.
Which reminds me that my focus must be on today…on this very moment. I can only enjoy the presence of the True Light and reflect His radiance when I’m shutting out all distractions and keeping my sight on Him. Life itself is beautiful and if I live, truly live, in the moment He’s placed me, I will gain the ability to see His beauty for what it really is and spontaneously react to all He’s doing in and around me.

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