In This Storm

Ironically, I wrote yesterday about listening to God’s voice amidst the daily chaos. I find it funny how He always seems to prepare my heart for situations that are coming my way…long before they hit. In this case, it wasn’t “long”…just a matter of hours.

I returned from Costa Rica after a week of seriously seeking the Lord in prayer. I found I wasn’t as busy as I had planned…but knew there had to be a reason for that. The reason became evident within a few hours of arriving in the country….the ministry plan that was unveiled was altogether different than what I had heard and envisioned for years. Many times during the week, I found myself sitting on a rock out in the middle of a field asking the Lord to show me if I even had a part in the ministry and if I had been mistaken about His plan for me. I wandered the hills, completely alone singing Amazing Grace and How Great Thou Art without reservation. At night, I sat looking at the brilliance of the stars and thought about the brilliance of the Creator. Strangely enough I felt peace…
I got an email this morning that came as somewhat of a shock…on the other hand it wasn’t a shock at all. Maybe because God was preparing my heart. This email will drastically change the course of the ministry. I may not even have a part in the ministry…at this point I’m not sure. One thing I do know is that the Lord’s plan is always perfect. He beautifully orchestrates life to bring glory to His name. For that reason I’m excited. To be a even a thread in the tapestry He’s weaving is a gracious privelege that I don’t deserve. And one I’m so thankful for.

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