Alone In The Midst

So I made it home last night after a LONG day of traveling. Yesterday morning, I caught the bus to San Jose at 5:00am…which was an adventure in itself! Knowing absolutely no Spanish but having been coached by Doug, I could proudly say “I need to go the airport” and “I have one bag under the bus”…I was really praying I wouldn’t have to say “I missed my stop!” because I would have had no clue on that one!
At one point on the 4.5 hour bus ride, we stopped and several policeman got on board. Everyone began reaching for their bags and I watched to see if they were going for money or what…by the time I figured out they were getting out ID, the police passed me by, checking everyone else. I must have looked at clueless as I felt. I wonder if that’s a good thing in a foreign country?
As I sat on the bus, I find myself smiling as the bus driver flipped through Spanish radio stations, landing on Elton John who began to serenade the Ticos traveling to work. It’s a strange sensation to be surrounded by 50 people with whom you can’t communicate and be so alone in the midst of so many bodies. Yet I actually enjoyed it quite a bit as I found myself alone with my thoughts. Seeing as I’m always finding object lessons in everything, I thought about how there are often so many “voices” and distractions surrounding us at every turn…yet there’s only one Voice we need to tune into. Much like Elton’s “Tiny Dancer” which suddenly captivated my full attention (because it was the only link to my English world)….so God’s voice must always have my full attention amidst the daily chaos.

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