French Fries, Frosties and Friends

During a recent lunch with friends, my brother shared his philosophy on healthy eating: don’t be satisfied with eating those things that aren’t bad for you….go a step further and only eat foods that will actually do something good for your body. In thinking about what good advice that is, I realized how the concept can be stretched to include so many areas of life. One of which covers friends…we all have acquaintances that aren’t necessarily bad for us, but do those people add anything to your life and push you to be a better person? For so long I kept everyone at arm’s length because I was scared of getting hurt. But as I began to let down my guard, I discovered:

friends who believe in me and aren’t afraid to tell me how special I am to them

friends who I don’t see often but it’s as if time has never passed and we can pick up right where we left off

friends who surprise me by buying me mangoes because the ones I looked forward to and bought myself were rotten

friends who call just to see how I’m doing even when I’m notorious for never picking up my phone

friends who I’ve known since those awkward years of middle and high school …and even some from pre-k and elementary!

friends who know all my quirks and love me anyways even if we can’t walk across small tile or go to a dog park

friends who will wash my car before I get up on a Saturday morning…just because

friends who leave candy, sunscreen, snacks and journals on my doorstep when I’m going on vacation

friends who meet me for lunch every Wednesday

friends who let me cry when I’m having a bad day and instead of being uncomfortable (as I am for having cried in the first place!) are thankful that I trust them enough to talk to them

friends who seem to go through every single thing I’m going through and even when our roads part ways, still cheer me on

friends who will drive to the East Coast with me so I don’t get ripped off buying my first surf board

friends who I meet with every Wednesday night to talk about God

friends who challenge me

friends who have NEVER hurt me

friends who text me verses throughout the day

friends who give me the biggest hugs I’ve ever had every Wednesday night

friends who open my mind to new music and authors

friends who teach me how to salsa dance because I want to learn-even when I step on their toes and run into them over and over

friends who still send snail mail and put a smile on my face

friends who happen to share almost every dream, fear and goal I have and plan to meet up with me in all sorts of places around the world on our quest for adventure…even if it never happens and is just fun to talk about

friends who are like the sisters I never had growing up

friends who know my potential and expect me to live up to it

friends who are over 40 years older than me but will cook dinner for me, save me a seat in class and take notes when I’m out, listen to my thoughts and check up on me like grandparents

friends who are married now and still allow me to be the 3rd wheel but never make me feel like one

friends who won’t leave church without wrapping me in a bear hug and can’t sit next to me without scratching my back

friends who share their deepest thoughts with me and trust me with them

friends who live in jungles halfway around the world, have more concerns than I ever will but still take time to see how I’m doing

friends who are much smarter than I am but humor me when I want to debate

friends who make me laugh and love this crazy life as much as I do

friends who let me crash at their place when I “need” to travel

friends who will share a frosty and fries in our booth at Wendy’s when one of us are having a bad day…even if we haven’t done it in years

friends who shake their heads at my crazy dreams and adventures but support me anyway

friends who are always willing to jump in the car and take off whenever I’m feeling the need to get out of town

friends who listen to me vent at work and share my sense of sarcasm

friends who have pushed me to share my writing even when it terrified me

friends who plan to meet me every week to walk even if we never get around to actually doing it

friends who yell my name in the middle of church EVERY time they see me

friends who serve as concert buddies and will sit through Alanis Morissette just because I love Matchbox Twenty

friends who are older and wiser and willing to share their wisdom

friends who allow me to share in their ministry and consequently their dream

friends who are protective and make me feel like I have a whole army of big brothers

friends who show me what it’s like to be treated with respect

friends who I’m blessed enough to also call family…who would have thought parents and siblings could actually be friends

friends who enjoy being around me…although sometimes I suspect my perfume has something to do with it!

friends who take me on Chik-fil-a dates to toss around ideas and thoughts

These Friends Teach Me How To Be The Person I Want To Be

It wasn’t until I opened my eyes and opened my heart that I was able to see the value of friendships. At this point in my life I feel I have the best friends I could ever have, but know it will only continue to get better as past, present and future mingle. As I wrote this and started thinking about my closest friends, I had to keep adding more and more to my list. This represents over 30 people who have come to mean so much to me and who I have the privelege of living life alongside of. I only hope I can be as good a friend as they have been to me.

2 thoughts on “French Fries, Frosties and Friends

  1. I don’t know very many rich people but in reading this entry I see that you are one of the richest people I have ever met. To be so blessed with good friends is of greater value that all of the riches that the world has to offer. To be blessed with so many friends means that you are also a valuable friend to many.

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