The Will of God

We try to analyze, pick apart and compartmentalize ourselves and our faults in order to “more effectively” serve God. We come hurting, thinking subconsciously that if we can just fix ourselves or figure out our own unique complexities…then, maybe then He could use us. And if so, maybe that moves us into the great unknown of God’s will for our lives. That elusive concept we seem to hold in both reverence and fear.

We tend to forget that everyone is a work in progress. Even those spiritual giants such as Billy Graham and Charles Stanley haven’t completed the race. Doubtless that men such as these would ever claim to have discovered, achieved and fully completed the call of God on their lives. So why do we put such effort into uncovering a revelation from God? Where did we get the idea that the will of God is a mystery, or rather a mysterious calling on our lives that needs to be discovered?

We chase after romantic notions but what if His will wasn’t out of reach? I think that all of us face it every day of our lives and yet neglect to see that it’s a concept really. Something that could be summed up in one word. Obedience. Would that realization halt us in our pursuit? Would we want His will as much if all that was required of us was obedience and surrender? Each step along the way, if lived in obedience, will pave the road to God’s purpose. We aren’t promised a blueprint. We are promised a Guide. The lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path.

So many times we look at this Guide, walk right past Him and continue discussing and debating the great mystery of God’s will. We wrestle with God and face frustration and self-inflicted pain when we don’t feel we’ve discovered “it”.

Every day of our journey, with each and every step, we are invited to take the hand of the One who passionately loves us and walk with Him in His will.


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